Top tips to reduce the risk of contamination:

  • If using an ice bucket and scoop, make sure all are thoroughly cleaned before use.
  • When cooling bottles in ice, try not to be tempted to use the ice from inside the bucket. Who knows where the bottles have been, they could contaminate the ice. Always best to be safe!
  • Very easily done - tearing open your beloved bag of ice and using your hands to retrieve the ice for your drinks. It’s your hands that are dirty not the ice!
  • If ever abroad be cautious of the ice being added to your drinks. Question if the ice is bagged or has been made using tap water. If the tap water isn’t suitable to drink neither is the ice.
  • “In a recent consumer survey we found that 71% of consumers agree it is important to have ice in the house when entertaining”

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    Our most frequently asked questions

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    Where can I buy your ice from?

    You can buy The Ice Co’s range of ice from Supermarkets and Wholesalers across the UK and Europe. We also supply direct to events, food service and manufacturing companies.

    I cannot decide which ice to buy?

    We have a range of ice for all occasions, simply choose what occasion it’s for and we can tell you which ice product you will need:

    What different ice cubes do you make?

    We produce fully formed individual ice cubes, tube ice cubes, crushed ice and flake ice (much finer) as well as ice blocks.

    Why is it better to buy ice from the supermarket?

    Our ice which you find in the supermarket has been manufactured in a state of the art facility to offer safe, quality ice for you. If you make ice at home, you can never make quite enough and who knows how long that ice has been in your ice tray for!

    Where are you based?

    We have 2 UK manufacturing sites, our HQ in South Kirkby, West Yorkshire. Just outside Doncaster and our spring water site in Driffield, East Yorkshire.

    How much ice do I need for my party?

    Head over to our ice cube calculator which will be able to give you a rough idea of how much ice you will need for your party. Although we cannot suggest exact amounts, this offers a very good guide to how much you need for each occasion, big or small!