The story so far

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  • 2015

    Our wind turbine is installed at our main site in South Kirkby, West Yorkshire.

  • 2016

    Nearly 2,000 solar panels installed and over £400,000 invested to date at our South Kirkby site.

  • 2018

    Employees from across the business came together to form The Ice Co Sustainability Team.

  • 2020

    In an industry 1st, paper bag trials begin before completing a year later to offer the 1st 100% recyclable paper ice product.

  • 2021

    All products are made with 100% renewable energy.

  • 2022

    The Ice Co Super Cubes 2kg sold in paper bags for the 1st time at Glastonbury Festival.

  • 2023

    100% of company cars are electric/hybrid.

  • NOW

    Our biggest project has begun, The Ice Co are working towards achieving net zero by 2050.

Our Sustainability Vision


We are the number one choice for sustainability by our customers, with an engaged, happy and empowered workforce. We source only from others with aligned values and constantly work to seek further improvements which in turn reduce carbon emissions and our impact on the environment, all striving towards our goal of net zero by 2050.

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"The Ice Co are ahead of the curve with their packaging and sustainability plans compared to other frozen food brands" Customer
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In 2024, as Europe’s leading ice manufacturer and the UK’s No.1 ice brand, we know there is no future without social and environmental accountability. We believe that in our position, we have a responsibility to help shape the future of the frozen industry, to create a more inclusive and sustainable world.

It’s been 6 years since we first formed our Sustainability Team, recruiting voices from across the business from directors to marketing and operations, meeting quarterly to progress our ever-evolving 3-year plan. And whilst we have achieved so much already, we feel like we’re only just getting started, with our Sustainability Strategy 2026 outlining the beginnings of the road towards Net Zero by 2050.

In order to achieve this, we are investing heavily in our people, our processes and our planet in a way that aligns with our all-important company values – to Inspire through knowledge, to rise to the Challenge and to continue to Evolve, as well as having a team of individuals you can Depend on and a company and people that we are Proud of.

We know that one of our biggest challenges as an ice manufacturer, striving for a more sustainable world is in our packaging. We’ve always been committed to exploring packaging solutions and have already reduced the plastic in our bags by 30%, as well as only using FSC-certified cardboard from sustainably managed forests, but this is only the beginning!

So what does the future look like for The Ice Co? Our ambition is to become the best ice company in the world and a leader in the frozen industry for sustainability. We want to work with the best retailers and lead the ice market in growth, share and innovation, all whilst having a dedicated team of hard-working ice champions and award-winning people, products and services.

We are committed to doing our bit for the planet, whilst fostering an inclusive workforce and using our platform to educate and inspire others to do the same. In a world where Greenwashing is everywhere, we promise to be open about our progress and performance to maintain our transparency and integrity.

We’ve been passionate about keeping our customers cool since 1860, but now together, we have to do the best we can to keep the planet cool too.

Polly Metcalfe and Philip Marr
The Ice Co, Managing Directors

Let's talk about packaging Since 2018 we have reduced the amount of plastic used in our packaging by 30%
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Our bags are fully recyclable! Click here to find your nearest soft plastic recycling point.

White sqiggle The Future

Plastic packaging is a hot topic, and one we’re often asked about. It’s very difficult to find the right solution for ice cubes that is;

  • Food safe
  • Able to survive in the freezer
  • Able to hold a wet product
  • Commercially viable

However, we are constantly searching and sourcing plastic alternatives. Here are some options we are currently exploring:

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Our cardboard packaging we use to transport our products to stores is made from FSC-certified board from sustainable-managed forests.

Did you know?

Last year we donated to 36 fundraisers, community projects, sports teams & charities!

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