Crushed Ice by The Ice Co

Crushed Ice

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Gives drinks that special sparkly touch

Perfect for smoothies, juices & cocktails.

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Diamonds of crushed ice perfect for making smoothies, juices & cocktails or why not use to chill food or drink? Add a special touch to food & drink with the countless uses for crushed ice!

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Ice Cubes
Crushed Ice Packaging by The Ice Co
Gives drinks that special sparkly touch

Key ingredient in Smoothies & Juices

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Meet Crushed Ice…skilful, versatile and adaptable. The helping hand when it comes to making your favourite cocktail or smoothie. Easy going and up for a good mingle. Perfect your drink making skills with ice that’s crushed and ready to go.

Available in

1kg, 2kg.

Best for

Smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes and juices.

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